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Copyright Registration Example:

Registering a shoot that contains Published and Unpublished material

Text and Images © 2002 Peter Krogh, All Rights Reserved

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Background: These images were shot as personal work and a selection of them were put up on my website. Although the Copyright Office does not take a position on whether this actually constitutes publishing, most people consider web display to be publishing. For this reason, I have split the work contained on these contact sheets into two separate submissions. This is the submission of unpublished images.

Scroll down to see how the Submission of the published component was handled.

The Unpublished Images

Preparation of Deposit: This collection of images was on 7 rolls of film. I put Post-it Notes over the images that I had published on my website, and then registered those images separately.


Forms: I used Short Form VA to register this work. A copy of the filled out form can be seen here.

Protection: These images receive the full protection provided by registration for the term of my life, plus seventy years.



Registration of Several Published images from the same shoot.

Preparation of Deposit: I printed out laser copies of the pages that included the images. Since these images were in black and white, a B&W laser print will suffice.

Forms: I submitted these images using Short Form VA. To see how it is filled out, click here.

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