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Copyright Registration Example:

Photographs published in Stock Photography Catalog, 1998

Text and Images © 2002 Peter Krogh, All Rights Reserved

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Background: The bulk of my images in the National Geographic Images Sales catalog are ones that had never been published before. These make a very easy group submission.

You might think that images that are included in a stock catalog are covered by the registration of the collective work (catalog) itself. Unfortunately, the images do not receive the protection of Copyright Registration unless the applicant is the Copyright holder. For images like mine, that I own wholly, I must be the applicant.

This is the kind of work that should be first on your list of backlog registrations to accomplish.



Eligibility: All images that were not previously published are eligible for a simple Short Form VA submission. The several previously published images of mine that do appear in the catalog were published in another year, and therefore may not be included in this submission.

Deposit Formats:

Preparation of Deposit: I have used this example to demonstrate several formats of Deposit preparation. They are as follows:

Actual Tearsheets: Simply cut the tearsheets out of the catalog, indicate which images are yours (if there is no indication in the original layout) and submit.

Print Film Copies: We find that print film is the second easiest way to prepare a submission. It's pretty cheap, very fast to do, and can generate duplicate copies for your files.

Copies of Tearsheets: You can photocopy the images and use that as a submission. Regulations state that if the original is in color, the deposit must be in color, so you must use color laser/inkjet copies

Scans/Digital Camera Copies: We find that it is much faster to re-photograph with a digital camera than to scan. In either case, once you have made the copies/scans, you need to put it in proper format. To submit on CD-ROM, save the files as jpegs and put in a folder than burn to CD. Because of longevity concerns with CD_ROM, we suggest that you include a laser copy of the images with the deposit. Alternately, you could simply print out the images with a color printer and submit those.

Forms: I used Short Form VA to register this work. A copy of the filled out form can be seen here. If the work had been from several catalogs or other publications during the same year, you might want to use the Group Registration of Photographs form.

Protection: Once this submission was accepted by the Copyright Office, protection begins. Note that I receive full protection only for infringements that take place AFTER registration has been accepted.

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