Eighth in a Very Wide Series

Assateague Pony

All I smell is potato chips and it's driving me crazy.
I sniff at the lady in the front seat and she starts beating on my head with the roadmap and says, "honey get the horse out of here." Then the little boy holds out his pb&j and yells, "the pony's eating my sammich," and closes his eyes laughing as the car inches forward and I walk with it bobbing for the potato chips in the man's lap. He starts rolling up the window on my neck so I push on the side of the car. Not to break anything, but just to see if I can make him stop which he does only for a second when I nip at his arm and then he hits the gas and I watch them drive around the corner while i finish chewing.
I look back down the road and see another car coming and think. . . I love tourists.

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