I have the folowing items for sale. All prices listed do not include shipping. If you would like more information, or would like to make an offer, please send me email at peter@peterkrogh.com or call 301-933-2468 I can accept credit cards, and I offer a money back guarantee if the equipment does not look and function as described. Back to Links

Here is the latest list. I have Camera, and Studio stuff. Call or email for information.

Used Items For Sale:
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Linhof Atelier Stativ VII vintage tripod from the 50's very clean for this kind of vintage $250

Gitzo Monopod $50

Gitzo Weekend Performance Vintage Tripod$100

Bogen 3035 Legs - very sturdy $75

Balcar Super A 2400 Pack works fine except toggle switch on powerpack broiken $150

Balcar Super A 2400 Power Pack - Works fine


Complete RB67 system for sale, several bodies, many backs and lenses.

RB67 37mm Fisheye lens with case, small scratch on front element $1000/bo

RB67 37mm Fisheye lens with case, small nick on front element $1000/bo

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Quantum Radio Slave to Hasselblad ELM Motor Drive Trigger Cord
(2) Quantum Radio Slave to Nikon Motor Drive Trigger Cord

LunaPro Enlarging Attachment $15

Many Olympus Bodies and Lenses

My dad has asked me to sell his collection of Olympus equipment. To start
with, I would like to sell in groups of $200 or more, as I can't be
running to UPS every day, even for my dad. Please don't hesitate to make
me an offer, or call to inquire about the specifiec condition of anything.

OM2s Program Black body, no use since overhaul by Olympus $275
OM-2n Shutter needs repair $50
OM-2 Probably for parts $25
OM 10 with Manual Adapter (Ask for details)

Winder 1 $90

Lenses (Zuiko unless noted)

24mm f/2.8 Clean Glass w/ Caps and filter $210
28 f/3.5 Glass Clean w/ case and front caps $90
50mm f/1.4 Clean w/front cap $75
50mm f/1.8 Clean w/ front cap $30
50mm f/1.8 Clean
300m 4.5 Glass clean with caps and Olympus filter $450
35-70 f/4 Glass Clean, With Shade $125
35-105 3.5-4.5 Glass clean, filter, shade $275
75-150 with Tiffen Filter, Case, Built-in shade and front cap $120
65-200 f/4 Glass clean w/filter Hoya 1b $275
Vivitar Series 1 75-210 Glass clean with Hoya filter and shade $200
Sigma 39-80 3.5 with front cap and filter Glass clean $100

T32 with 5 pin connector cable $115
Shoe #4 $15

Epson Photo EX Printer $25
Cards and Cables, 8100 for parts, Your choice, free with computer purchase

Bogen Super Boom and Stand $250



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