Digital Photography Standards and Practices Project:
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This is the Working Page page of ASMP's Digital Standards Project. Please feel free to pass this URL along to anyone who you feel might be helpful to the project. This would primarily include photographers who have established solid business practices regarding Professional Digital Photography.

Please note: This is a WORK IN PROGRESS. That means it's not finished yet. If you have suggestions, please send them to us.

Listed below are the working pages in this site. Most are incomplete and are listed here so that we can get your input. We have split the pages into several categories, each addressing a subset of digital practices. They are:


Image Cataloging/IPTC

The Digital Slide Mount

Pricing strategies

Buying Digital Photography, A Client's Guide, By Richard Anderson


The Role of the Assistant

David Riecks Controlled Vocabulary Page (How to think about cataloging your images)

John Harrington's Pricing Pages

The Committee:
Peter Krogh, Chairman
Richard Anderson
Dave Harp
Judy Herrmann
Michael Stewart
Steve Uzzell
More to come...

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