ASMP Seminar

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Program Description
This three-hour program gives a comprehensive overview of Digital Asset Management techniques for the professional photographer. Based on the principles and practices outlined in my book, The DAM Book, Digital Asset Management for Photographers, this program will introduce you to concepts that will help you to boost productivity in the short-term and and to insure integrity of your files in the long-term.

Topics covered include:

Overview of Digital Asset Management
Types of DAM Software
Using DNG for an integrated workflow
Creating a stable information structure
Hardware configurations

Kinds of Metadata
How is Metadata stored
How Metadata can be created and harvested
Using Metadata to improve productivity

Using Cataloging Software
Capabilities of Cataloging Software
Integrating Catalog Software with Adobe Bridge

Future Challenges
File Migration
File Integrity Confirmation

Preparation for the Workshop
All of the material that will be presented is contained in my book, The DAM Book. You might find that you have a good head start on the concepts presented by reading the book. You can see a sample chapter here. I have also uploaded an article that I wrote about DNG here.

The Full Day Workshop

We will go over the following areas:

General DAM stuff

Ask questions about the previous evening's seminar
Review the workflow demonstrated in the seminar
Bring your images through the workflow on your computer
Backup strategies and tools
Setup workflow staging area to track image processing

Adobe Bridge and Camera Raw

Configure preferences for Bridge and Camera Raw
Set up renaming templates
Configure metadata templates
Use Camera Raw for proofing
Make Camera Raw defaults and presets
Configure the Adobe DNG converter

iView MediaPro

Setup preferences
Configure catalogs
Import and organize images
Create custom web galleries
Create proof prints
Create slideshows and movies
Integrate a two-way workflow with Bridge and Photoshop
Preparation for the Workshop

Attendees should bring a laptop computer with the following software loaded:

Adobe Bridge (part of Photoshop CS2). If you have not installed CS2, you can find a time-limited demo version at If you do have Bridge, check your version to make sure you are running the current one (1.0.4). If it's not, please obtain the updater package for Windows or for Macintosh.

Adobe Camera Raw/DNG converter. The current version is 3.4. (Open the Camera Raw Preferences and check the title bar to see what version you currently have.) If you need to update Camera Raw, or need the DNG converter, you can download the Macintosh version or the Windows version.

iView MediaPro 3.1. If you already have iView MediaPro 3, make sure you are on 3.1.1, which is a free upgrade. If you have a version prior to 3.0, you can use the Upgrade as a free trial for 21 days. If you do not have the software at all, you can get a free 21-day trial. Download them from

Please also bring some RAW images to work with. You won't need very many, just enough to bring through a sample workflow. If you have been working with iView, and have one or more catalogs, feel free to bring those along also.

Also recommended: the instructor's book, The DAM Book. You might find that you have a good head start on the concepts presented by reading the book. Here's a sample chapter. And here's an article on a related topic, using DNG in camera-raw workflows.

Feel free to post questions on theDAMbook Forum.

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