The Sinar P

Developed by Hans Karl Koch in Switzerland after WW II, the Sinar System remains the most versatile and extensive view camera system made. Yes it's a huge honking mother, but it can be controlled precisely down to the millimeter, even for shots like the one above. When you are shooting macro Large Format, the camera may be extended to three feet long or more, and even the smallest movement makes the subject race across the focusing screen. Get a good camera stand.

View cameras are the most versatile of cameras. You can control perspective and focus to an extent not possible on a 35mm camera. For the the above photo, I tilted the lens as far as possible the "wrong" way, forcing the plane of focus to run perpendicular to the circuit board. In this case, it was to emphasize the client's logo, as well as to make an interesting photograph. Of course you could use the same technique to make the entire circuit board sharp.