The Cambo Wide

The Cambowide is a specialty camera made by Calumet Photo in Chicago. It is a compact 4x5 camera, sometimes called a Pancake Camera because it works best with butter and syrup. Also because it is flat. I love it because I can take it places that I could never take a full sized View Camera like the Sinar. Even though it is small, it gives a great quality image, due to its large film size and top quality lenses. This ons is fitted with a Schneider 47mm f/5.6 Super Angulon, roughly the equivalent angle of view as a 14mm lens on a 35mm camera. Yep, that's mighty wide.

I have also designed and built an additional variation of this camera called the Mambowide, which uses parts of the Cambowide, and lenses from the Mamiya Universal system. These excellent lenses come in focal lengths from 50mm to 240 mm, with the best being the 50mm, 75mm, 127mm, and 240 f/ Pictures of this one-of-a-kind camera coming soon. For more information about about genetically engineered mamiya hybrids, check out